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Alpine Hardware | 10 Pack, 25 Pack ~ 1 3/4" Length | Gold Brass Finish | Solid Steel Bar Handle Knob Pull | Kitchen Cabinet Hardware/Dresser Drawer Handles

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Alpine Hardware's NEW T-Knob Pulls with a Gold Brass Finish.
Strong & Durable Hardware ~ These Cabinet Pulls Will Prove Functional & Elegant Throughout the Years.
European Styling ~ The Bar Pulls add a contemporary flavor to any drawer or cabinet door style.
These knobs are 1 3/4" in Length. EASY TO INSTALL and COMPATIBLE with standard kitchen cabinets.
The unique Alpine Hardware styling of these knobs adds a contemporary flavor to any drawer or cabinet door with its unique knob styled like our t-bar pulls. The stylish design coordinates with many décor themes, strong and durable, these bar pulls can prove both functional and elegant through years of use. What separates these from our standard t-bars is the fact that they are 2" long and are knobs that are meant to compliment our t-bar pulls.

Our Process:
These pulls are formed from a Solid cylindrical 1/2"" Diameter Cold Rolled Stainless Steel bar, index tapped (for strength and precision), plated with a Matte Copper-Bronze Finish.

Specs/ Dimensions:

The t-knob is 1 3/4" in length.
Individually bagged with 2pc 1" Mounting Screws


Cabinet/ Drawer Thickness Guide:

¾” (0.75”) thick drawer/ cabinet will need #8-32 X 1" long Screws. (Provided)
1” thick drawer/ cabinet will need #8-32 X 1.5" long Screws. (NOT Provided)
1-½” (1.5”) thick drawer/ cabinet will need #8-32 X 2" long Screws. (NOT Provided)

One Year Warranty - If there is any product quality/ manufacturing defects we will refund / replace your order ASAP!